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AHMED  PLASTIC FACTORY Limited Liability Company was founded on 1994 in the emirate Ajman by our chairman and also managing director  "Yasser.O.M.Nasser"

 AHMED PLASTIC FACTORY Ltd is an experienced  Masterbatches manufacturer &exporters of High quality Masterbatches  &CPPL Calfin EXT compound fillers in UAE.
  Right  from the procurement of basic raw material to final product we unfailingly  deliver on time perfect desired results in quality and colour. In conducting  our business we uphold our corporate philosophy of "Becoming a Trusted Prime  Solution Partner" by providing superb products, technology and services in a  stable and continuous manner.
  Recognizing  our responsibilities to always remain customer-focused while at the same time  upholding our commitment to protecting the environment and safety of our  employees, customers and the public in general. We provide products and service  whose
  Quality  our customers can trust and be confident in.